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Total Property Worx is a family oriented and supportive business. In respect of this vision and TPW’s values, we like to show our support in areas outside of our day to day operation.

TPW are currently supporting

Trent Dodds

Trent Dodds is a New Zealand and International representative in the Triathlon space. He competes both in NZ and all over the world and has recently been selected for the Triathlon world champs. At 18 years of age, Trent has been committed to training for most of his life and has had some great achievements along the way. Trent’s goal is to enter the Olympic Games and take out the Gold for NZ.

Trent’s commitment and dedication to better himself and succeed is a true inspiration; these values are shared by TPW which is why we are an official sponsor and supporter of Trent’s journey.

It’s not easy, its bloody hard work – it takes serious commitment and dedication. But it’s my passion – it’s the reason I get up in the morning, it challenges me to be better and I want to be the best.

Mental Health Foundation of NZ

As a thriving business in what can be a highly stressful Industry, TPW understand the importance of not only physical, but mental health. As an “open table” and communicative operation – we make sure we take those extra steps to ensure our entire team is in great shape – Mentally and Physically.

We take this philosophy from the experts at the Mental Health Foundation and without their expertise we would not have the great team culture that we have today. So to give thanks – TPW is a huge supporter and sponsor of Auckland’s Mental Health Day to assist in generating awareness around the importance of mental health.

Bargain Box NZ

Our staff on the ground and in the office are of equal importance and are imperative cogs in our well-oiled machine. We accept that a team is only as strong as its weakest link so we ensure we all work as hard as each other to generate the best results for our team and our customers.

In light of these ongoing efforts – TPW senior management also understands the importance of recognition and praise for those efforts – we like to find ways to support our team members in their personal lives once the tools have been put down for the day.

An example of this is our “Feed your Families’ campaign – this is where we give our team members a break from the supermarket and the pantry by providing a Bargain Box meal package for them and their families as a small token of appreciation and recognition of their hard-work and commitment.

SMEG Racing

Winners on the track, TPW are proud to support the SMEG Racing team of Simon Evans and Gene Rollinson, the reigning North Island and National Endurance Champions.

SMEG Racing are one of New Zealand’s most successful motorsport teams, with past successes in V8 racing before moving in GT3 with their new Audi R8 LMS for the 2017 season.

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